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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  February 22, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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speaking out bill cosby's wife set to answer questions today. but last-minute legal me nooufers may delay the deposition. a suspect heading to courtroom after causing a neighborhood evacuation. search on for driver after they went crashing right into a starbucks. 9:00 on this monday morning. thanks for making us a part of your day. >> i'm sarah french. coming up. first let's send it over to bri eggers is your forecast. us. it's back to the grind for us. normal. 38 in boston.
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35 in worcester. the mild air has settled back down to south. we have colder air streaming from the north today. and that, again, taking us back to where we should be this time of year. it's february after all. however we have some bright sunshine to enjoy and with the sun angle getting a little bit higher i will tell you you get in direct sunlight it can feel five to degrees warmer than the air temperature read. either side of 40 today slight north-northwest. and then as we head into the middle of the week. a light knicks in store tuesday night could be a coating to an inch. then all rain wednesday and thursday. wind driven rain at that. more on that time line coming up in a bit. time for fast track traffic. let's send it over to danielle gersh. here's the expressway. it's a parking lot in both direction. southbound this is because of an accident in randoph. let's go to maps now.
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keeping an eye on all morning long. two laned are blocked from this incident. only the left lane getting by then on the expressway we also have this accident southbound at bryan avenue. really a mess south of town. this accident also. this is westford 495 northbound. delays from this incident are about ten minutes. heading into town on 93 southbound. 128 route one not looking too bad. if you take the t it's on time. back to you guys happening today, lawyers for bill cosby's wife right now and they may be delaying her this hour. this would be the first she has answered questions about her allegation. bill cosby gave last interview in 2014 with wife of more than 50 years at his side. if she wanted to respond whether any of that was true >> there's no response.
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tougher questions in a scheduled deposition this morning. she's been asked to testify in a civil suit brought by 7 women who claim big cosby defamed them by denying their accusations of sexual assault. their lawyer wants to hear from camille who worked for her husband as his business manager for years. private conversations between law. but business conversations are not. cosby's legal team is argued those conversations should be confidential and also that camille doesn't have any relevant information about the claims. a judge, however, disagrees. >> this is now a thicket. no way to predict what she does and doesn't have to answer. everything she will talk about the both marital and business. camille made her last public statement more than a year ago. quote the man i met and fell in love with and whom i continue to love is the man you all know through his work, she said.
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he's repeatedly denied allegations of sexual assault by country. in addition to the cases in massachusetts, cosby faces a criminal case in pennsylvania. >> camille cosby's lawyers are trying to get this deposition called off. that's something the federal judge has declined to do on this case three times. in springfield. new england." following. tragedy in dorchester when a teenagers stabbed and killed in broad daylight. we learn an arrest has been made in this case. let's go to victoraire warren with the latest on this, this morning. what are you learning? >> we have learned boston police have arrested a 16-year-old suspect and that 16-year-old suspect is scheduled to appear before a judge later this morning. all of this starting yesterday right in the middle of the afternoon around 4:30 in the afternoon. it was at devon street and columbia road the victim just 16
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police thought the teens shot but later said he was stabbed. he was bostoned to boston medical center where he was pronounced dead. earlier this month boston police shot and killed an armed man in an unrelated incident. so the teen suspect was questioned last night. this morning the district attorney announcing that the teenager will face charges. at this point, though, they are not releasing the teen's name. they are still trying to work out if he will appear in adult court or in juvenile court. live this morning from boston police headquarters. 7news "today in new england." a dangerous discory in attleboro leads to evacuations in one neighborhood after a meth lab is uncovered. now a suspect is custody and headed to court. brandon gunnoe is in the courthouse where that suspect is set to appear. police walked him into the courthouse a few minutes ago. he was going to the hospital
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to his house to lock things up. that's when they discovered the meth lab and evacuated neighbors on both sides >> shocking to know it's right in your backyard. there's no signs. no smells. nothing crazy going on. neighbors surprised and shocked that the man leaving next door was caccing crystal meth inside. you worry about today's people some are just a little bit crazy. you wouldn't think they would be a meth lab a stone's throw away from your house. >> they got a call around lunch time sunday the man who lived here was overdough dosing inside. when they walked through the door they saw enough to shut the neighborhood down. for hours the man in protective suit taking care of the situation. bagging up drug paraphernalia and making sure the man who lived here didn't have the goods to make more meth. how do they know?
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don't go through a house and notes what going on. goes to show you, you don't know what's going on. >> that mans taken hospital. but he was treated and rae leased then arrested. again he was just taken into court a few minutes ago. he will be arraigned this morning. live in attleboro. brandon gunnoe. 7news 7 news "today in new england." this accident blocking two lanes of traffic. it looks like the trucks carrying scrap metal which is spread all over the road. state and local police are searching for interest driver who crashed into starbucks in norwood. officers say the driver ran from accident. they believe the person may have suffered serious injuries. the accused gunmen going to be arraigned murder charges today. police say the 45-year-old
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chose victims at random saturday night shooting people. a car dealership and restaurant. hours. six people died. two others including a 14-year-old girl were injured. amazing grace touching moments last night. people gathering at special church service to mourn and to pray. dalton was driver for uber. and one man claim he road with dalton before he was arrested. got a mile from my house. he got a telephone call. after that telephone call he started driving eradically. we were running stop signs. we were kind of driving through medians; driving through the lawn. speeding along once he came to stop i jumped out and ran away. >> police say dalton married
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they have no motive but believe thises was a random shooting spy. more testing at elementary school after air quality concerns shut the school down until at least wednesday in the superintendent said test result taken from two areas in the collide brown elementary school were caused for concern. safety professional will work with state officials to do the additional testing. abigail adams middle school is also closed today because of damage caused by burst pipe last week. >> in the mean time students at constantino middle school head back to school today after a burst people flooded their school and caused heavy damage over february vacation. the library will remain closed. new this morning the l ncaap is calling for change at boston latin school after alleged incidents of racism. the ncaap wants the headmaster
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step down after the lack of attention by administration regarding racism at the school. they say there were more incident than original thought of the school but not handling those allegations properly. two students present heard with a binder of incident involving racism among the student. they also started a social media campaign to raise awareness as to why they believe was a failure on the school's behalf of address these types of incident. the internal review said there was only one incident that the school did not properly respond, a racial slur from one student to another. >> still ahead on "today in new england" an island nation torn apart. search-and-rescue still under way in fiji after this massive cyclone barrelled through the area. >> politics this morning. a baystate native throwing his support behind a g.o.p. nominee. >> back to normal with our temperatures today. another burst of mild air on the way. it comes along with wind driven rain.
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welcome back. 9:13. was the weather not amazing this morning. >> it was -- here you missed it. it was the perfect weekend. you've been talking about it all morning long. picked a bad weekend to leave town. >> i saw the beautiful snow falling on you. you had the same storm system just a different part of it. we had 60 degrees as a high on saturday. pretty incredible. it's back to normal today. back to school for the kiddos as well. 38 in boston. 40 in norwood. 35 worcester. i had someone on social media say there's a normal in new england. it's about the average.
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we're about ten degrees cooler at this time yesterday. some colder air from the north and west for us. the good news is we get the bright sunshine and if you've been outside today, you might have noticed how much warmer that sun can make you feel. you step out in direct sunlight. five to ten degrees warmer that's how much nicer it will feel in the sunlight. afternoon with a light breeze out of the north-northwest. >> now highs today i bump the degrees. again with that sun angle getting higher and higher it's gaining power. the sun rays actually doing their job. we could see those temperature topping out in the mid 40. we have to talk about what's happening into the middle part of this weekend. night. part one of this long duration of event moving in with some snow rain/snow mix and then the mild part of this bigger storm moving in for us wednesday into thursday. wind driven rain.
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that doesn't happen until we hit thursday. we have cold air to overcome before we get there. snow and ice overnight. tuesday into wednesday. mainly inland. but a coating to an inch could be possible with i kum laigs to rain midday wednesday and wind driven rain. looking through the time line with a closer view here. clouds start to move in by midday tomorrow. and it isn't until the overnight hour after dark that we start to see the precipitation pushing in cold air already in place. rain snow line pushes back further to north and the west and we start to see that change over to rain. seasonable forrus today. night mix on the way tomorrow colder temperature and for more on this storm time line danielle gersh. for this wednesday into thursday storm wind are strong much like last week. and you can see as we head into the overnight hours. they are really starting to pick up and they are really getting strong.
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those winds getting up to 50 miles per hour. they are gust and just in time for the morning commute. 7:45 a.m. notice they are out of the south and very strong. because the wind direction is out of the south we will drag in mild air. as we head into the overnight hours you can see that green working in. that means warmer temperatures and look at this. 50s as we head into the overnight hours. by thursday morning temperature in the mid-to-upper 50s and our record-high temperature for thursday skief. we'll be close. don't know if we will get there. certainly warmer than average temperatures. back to you. it's been a balancing act throughout the month. we'll keep it close to normal for the next few days and get the brief burst of mild air for thursday and then once again back to normal as we head into next weekend. how much rain do we talk. expected. but that's after the possible
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west of 495 overnight tomorrow night. and then the cold air streams back in for next weekend. we also have some sunshine to enjoy as el. see you in a bit. >> the death toll at least 18 after a powerful cyclone hits fiji. more than 6,000 people at the emergency shelters after their homes were destroyed. look at this video. the storm packed wind of 177 miles per hour. gusts up to 202 miles per hour. that makes it the strongest recorded storm in the southern hemisphere. the government declared 30-state of emergency with schools ordered to close. fiji's prime minister said police and military were brought in to help with rescue operation and cleanup. one good sign the international airport has reopened. still ahead this morning we're checking in on the race for the white house donald trump and hillary clinton come up with big wins this weekend. we'll tell you why a local business owner is thanking fire
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ever new england. eversource. >> the race for the white house show half of republican voter support donald trump. on the democratic side dead heat bernie sander and hillary
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and the campaign trail busier than ever as the republican look forward to caucuses in nevada and democrats get ready for a south carolina showdown. that means endorsements continue to roll in even one from a new kid on the block. >> dorchester native donnie wahlberg throwing support behind marco rubio in the race for the white house saying this first time he will vote republican. >> every single thing about him says that he's more prepared than anyone in the field by a mile in other candidates they hear marco come. they don't want to fake mark you rubio one on one. >> a crowd of supporter cheered on g.o.p. front-runner donald trump in atlanta after he swept south carolina thanking all the state's 50 delegates. we won with everything. tall people, short people. fat people, skinny people. we just won. exit polls show the majority of trump supporter decided on him months ago. meaning his collection of comments didn't matter.
9:22 am
>> some may have doubted us. hillary clinton riding awave of momentum notching a win nevada. blow. he quartered black voter in south carolina one day after they delivered clinton's victory 76-22%. the vermont senator has the edge when it comes to latinos and younger voters >> we will do well when young people and working class people come out. >> as we mentioned a few points ago bernie sander and hillary clinton are tied. 46% poll in massachusetts. >> still ahead, we're taking a look at what's trending this morning and it includes are you are ready for this? mascot dance party. why hundreds came together to try to break a world record. president obama final term is coming to an end. and this little girl is taking that news a little bit harder than some others.
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>> more than 100 mascot doing the electric slide breaking the world record and pennsylvania. it's pretty cool costume character setting the guiness book of world record for the most mascots in one place. they did for great cause raising money for charity that helps fight cancer in children. the electric slide was a bonus. >> what about this? this is pretty cool. couple started on a high note. they said i do during a flight from los angeles back home to seattle. the bride flight attendant and the purpose of the mid flight wedding was to grant three wishes to her mother who is fighting stage four cancer.
9:26 am
daughter works lives and see her marry the man she loves. this little lady loves. no one is taking president obama leaving office harder than little girl. her grandmother posted this video showing the child crying uncontrollably over the news she said that she's not ready for a new president. president obama responded tell her to dry her tear i'm not going anywhere once i lee the white house i'll still be a citizen just like her. >> now with technology you post something like that and you can get a response from thement. not a written letter months later. you get instant response. mbta trying to cut over time. how much money they may be saving with the cuts. >> seasonable temperatures and lots of sunshine for us today. we're also tracking that midweek system. we'll get to all the details,
9:27 am
deadly stabbing in dorchester takes the life of teenager. we have new developments we'll
9:28 am
9:29 am
>> deadly stabbing in dorchester. police say it was a teenager. >> dozens of people set to face a judge after a party near bridgewater state gets way out of control. >> find out why prosecutors want one kennedy cousin murder conviction reinstated. >> 9:30 on this monday morning. i hear the weather was fantabulous over if weekend. >> you missed it. >> we go north. go figure. we had a great time. i wish this could stick around until spring. but i know it can't.
9:30 am
we got a little ways to go until we get to spring. then we moe we can get the major temperature swings. 38 degrees in boston. 35 in worcester. 40 degrees in norwood. it is back to normal today. and about ten degrees cooler than are we were 24 hours ago. and you notice that winds have shifted. we have light wind but still a cold wind that's coming from the north-northwest through the day-to-day ushering in the colder air. that's taking us back to more winter like. we have bright sunshine to enjoy as well. and a loft you have noticed we've been increasing daylight hours. how about increasing the sun angle and the sun can feel warmer and the next four week we gain an hour and 16 minutes of daylight. we're getting closer to spring. seasonably cool for us today. either side of 40 degrees it looks like low-to-mid 40s and then we've got to track the midweek system. we'll get to details and the time line coming up in just a bit. >> we have a breaking story we
9:31 am
police have 16-year-old suspect in custody after a stabbing in dorchester. the victim died from his injuries at the hospital yesterday. investigator say the suspect stabbed the teen then rode off on atv. earlier this months police thought and kills an armed man on the same street. it was an unrelated incident. happening today the wife of comedian bill cosby set to answer questions related to civil lawsuit filed against her husband. camille cosby is expected to be deposted at hotel in springfield, massachusetts at any moment now. a few minutes ago cosby's lar were in court saying they were not consulted on the venue for the deposition and said security could be a problem. they also said the media at that hotel could intimidate camille. the deposition is expected to go on as scheduled. also this morning two university of new hampshire student accused of stabbing a classmate will be in court
9:32 am
matthew gibbons and erric dennins were arrested saturday. the 20-year-old victim was treat ford a pair of stab wounds and is expected to be okay. police haven't commented on the mowtive for the attack. dozens of people arrested during a wild party near bridgewater state campus will appear in court this week. officer arrested 41 people after control. the fire department called in to inspect the home for safety hazard. i have never seen the cops over there. but i mean i know the kids have parties. i just figured they are college whatever. you never know. the kids and alcohol you never know what might happen. officers say many of the people arrested are under the age of 21. there's some new details this morning about kennedy's cousin michael skakel. prosecutors in connecticut are now set to ask the state supreme
9:33 am
conviction in the murder of martha moxley. a jury convicted skakel in 2002. sentenced 20 years in life. the defense attorney failed to properly represent him. 2013. he killed moxley in 1975. the two had been neighborhoods. they are scheduled to hear arguments wednesday. a fall river mill destroyed by fire and this morning a business nearby saying thanks to the firefighters who battled it. the owner of pro fitness beliefs his business also would have been leveled if not for the quick action of those fire crews early saturday morning. the gym is now offering any fire fighter whose town responded to fire a free one-year membership. they just have to show prove that they are actually a firefighter. i knew there was a significant chance to have this. the firefighter did an awesome job.
9:34 am
every time they show up to work they put their lives on the line. you can't thank them enough for doing that. >> i just want to give back. that's the least we can do. >> firefighters say they will likely be at the scene for days trying to complete i will put out the fire. new this morning the mbta said it's making progress in trying to cut the amount of overtime given to employee. so far this year the agency has cut overtime spending by about 40,000 a day. officials say it's this pace the t may be able to save 50 million in overtime cost this year alone. a school in millis will be closed until wednesday over concerned of air quality. the superintendent said test result taking at klein brown elementary school were cause for concern. a licensed professional working with officials to do more testing. abigail adams middle school in weymouth is also closed today. because of damage caused by burst pipe last week. >> a public meeting is planned
9:35 am
a colony of rattlesnakes on uninhabited island in reservoir. it's shaking people. the meeting will be tomorrow night at 7:00. that's in the town of orange. officials say the island would allow the endangered venemmous to repopulate on that island. according to wildlife experts the snakes likely wouldn't survive if they managed to try and escape the island. new this morning apple and the fbi trading jabs over the fed's request they help downlock the iphone or san bernadino shooter. james comby said the important decision involving safety from terrorist should not be left in the hand of quote corporations that sell stuff for living >> in part we don't want to break anyone inception or set a master key lose on the land. he added that we simply want the chance with a search warrant to try to get the terrorist pass
9:36 am
essentially and without taking decade guess correctly. fired back to employee early this morning saying the govern should withdraw the demand. he also dismissed the idea that apple is only acting in the best interest of the company. also on 7 a shooting on the street of south florida a little boy caught in the crossfire. deadly drive by unfolding when gunman starts shooting. >> this is not a single person problem. this is not a single zip code problem. this chipping away at the soul of our community one child at a time. taking a stand against gun violence once again. after another student in his district is gunned down and killed. this time an innocent first grader. >> over the past 12 months alone over 100 children have been shot
9:37 am
24 kids were killed -- only a fraction of those have been solved. the bought was shot and killed in broad daylight while playing. just blocks away from his elementary school. the latest killing come on another rally held friday where school leaders pastor and made call to action asking community members to call their lawmakers so they can get a bill passed that will help protect witnesses. >> another mother will be craying in a few week. the fear of parent who lost children to gun violence becoming reality all too soon. now 48 hours after that rally, superintendent carsalla recalling action. call pastor. call me. call a scale. tell a principal.
9:38 am
tell somebody. tell everybody. >> there's a 25,000 reward being offered to anybody with information leading to an arrest. checking news across the country now. officials are investigating what caused a ski lift to stop working in west virginia stranding people midair. more than 100 people were stranded for several hours before rescue teams were finally able to bring them down. two people had to be taken to the hospital with minor injuries. mega bust bursted into flame. investigator try to figure out why. you can see the damage from the explosion. the frame melted and the window blown out. one passenger on the but described the scary explosion. >> when i heard the first boom. i was in the bathroom. i came out. i couldn't hardly get off the bus because it was full of black smoke. fire came from everywhere. >> no one was hurt and the fire and explosion.
9:39 am
will speak at the white house. part of the national governor's association president obama welcomed the governor to the winter meeting on sunday and he said he spoke focusing on bridging the partisan divide. d.c. the people we serve don't typically think in terms of red and blue or left and right. they want a shot to get airhead. they want to make sure they have a good job. their kids can succeed in the meeting will wrap up today. supreme court set to hear cases for the first time since the death of justice antonin skalia. the court is now evenly split ideologically among eight numbers. a sobering new report shines the light in lack of diversity in hollywood. the university of southern california studied more than 400 films and found what it calls an inclusion crisis.
9:40 am
directors were white. about half failed to include a single asian character and 1/5 failed to include black character. last month the academy announced big changes amid doubling the number of women and mind whose vote by 2020. also oscar organizer have promised this year's ceremony will be the most diverse ever. there's much more ahead this morning on 7news "today in new england." including big lotto pay off. when the twin sitter here bought scratch off ticket of their dream. one panda in canada had trouble. when he tried to have some fun in the snow. >> we won't be seeing any of that as we head into this week. it looks like another boost in temperatures on the way as well
9:41 am
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fragrance, for your lively home. home is in the air. (vo) with thousands of qualityr pre-owned vehicles... head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more pflip your thinking about buying your next one. >> 9:43. a giant panda takes a tumble in the snow. the zoo posted this video saying the panda woke up. saw the snow and got excited. so much. again. >> it's like kids when they go in the snow they never want to come inside. you're limiting as the kid. >> or my dog.
9:44 am
it looks pretty with my hot cokeco. siting by the fire. we haven't seen a lot of snow through the month of february. we had both extremes warm days very, very cold days. we remember last weekend it was down below nine degrees below zero. we had a warm day of 65. then 60 last saturday. we've had just all extremes throughout this month averaging out right in the middle. normal high 40 degrees we're back to normal for the first couple of days of this week. but then look at the next boost thursday. it won't be as beautiful as saturday was because that's also when we expect pretty significant storm system. second. boston. 40 norwood. 35 in worcester. should feel. we get colder air coming from the north. it's light wind, though so not really adding much of windchill. plus we have bright sunshine to
9:45 am
with that sun angle higher you will notice the effect of the sunshine. get out in direct sunlight feels five toen the warmer. most of us top out in the low to possibly the mid 40s as we head into this afternoon. and those temperature continue to fall back as we head into the overnight hours. here's a look at the highs today. 41 for framingham. 44 for city of boston. now let's talk about all of the weather that we have in store for us this week. first round of this moves in as we head into the overnight hours tomorrow into wednesday. that runs into colder air which could bring coating to two inch of snowfall. also rain/snow mix. that changes to all rain. a whole lot of it. closer look at time line for tomorrow night into wednesday. you can see the cloud increasing through the day tomorrow. and then we get that precip running into the cold air. colting to two inch not out of the question.
9:46 am
back and forth wednesday changing to all rain by the time we reach about midmorning on wednesday. so breaking it down bullet points for us. snow and ice overnight tuesday into wednesday. gusty wind at we'll bunch of line danielle gersh. we'll also be dealing with the very strong winds especially wednesday night heading into thursday. look at them starting to pick up through the overfight hours early thursday morning. thursday in time for the morning commute. look at this. those winds out of the south right around 50 miles per hour. these will be very strong winds and again this is thursday morning. now also with the strong winds we will see the temperature warm up. but that's not going to happen tuesday and wednesday. we're still dealing with cooler temperature. they will support the wintery mix. by wednesday night notice what happens. we're starting to see warming trend as those winds pick up
9:47 am
hours you can see 50s working in. and then by thursday morning heading into lunch time mid-to-upper 50. record high is 65. i don't think we will get there. 50s will certainly be as average. back to you. >> clo to 60 degrees. incredible. unfortunately it won't be 60 degrees and sunshine we had saturday. next couple of days for this afternoon seasonable right where we should be for this time of year. and then that nice wintery mix working in late tomorrow night. how much rainfall will we see? looks like thursday 5:00 p.m. rain. this is lot of wet weather. overnight tonight mainly clear. those temperature fall back into upper teens for many locations. it is a cold one ahead of us for tomorrow morning at the bus stop as well. make sure that you have that heavy winter coat handy. that roller coaster temperature rise continues.
9:48 am
as well. patient paying off for twins in california. striking gold on scratch off ticket. they finally find the lottery lock. now the twins are claiming a 6 million jackpot. here's nick emmons with the story. one in three million chance. >> these twins beat the odds. >> you just never know what it will be you. especially something that big. >> something big. that started with something little earlier this month. i looked up and my windshield and i saw a yellow ladybug. she took it as sign. mate a pit stop to pick up lottery tickets including these two set for life scratchers for her and her twin. the twin have been buying ticket
9:49 am
carefully following their mother's advice. >> to find a place with the lighthouse. mom advice paid off. lisa said she's parked at son's school when she found out they won 6 million dollars. >> oh, my god. i was hyper ventilating. first thing lisa did called laura. she kept calling. laura didn't pick up. she had to deliver the news via text message. >> come home now. scratcher jackpot. >> i kind of say huh. >> 6 million. i'm shaking. their prize. >> i don't know if it's sunk in. it's so ridiculous. change the two? and.
9:50 am
>> nick emmons, 7news "today in new england." did she say socks? >> she did say is socks. >> sisters will split the money 60/40. brother. would they do that? >> depends on the day if they are fighting or not. >> next up in 7 sports some fans raising concerns now about one of the red sox key players. he hits the field for spring training down in florida. if you haven't seen the daytona 500 ended. you need to stick around to see
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
good morning. sandoval rolling into red sox spring training. the sox third basemen said he did not weigh himself this off-season. he's not concerned about his weight and said he just wants to be better at his position. well, here's how he looked when he took the field. they said he lost 20 pounds this off-season. you can be the judge. he eases himself into the swing of things at camp taking the field for some infield practice. this video wasn't too flattering either. he also took some hacks in the cage where he plans on switch hitting again this year after being banned from the right side of the plate last season. >> celtics and nuggets all celtics all the time. in the second shows the handle. then finishing with reverse lay-in.
9:54 am
for 29 point. house the hustle here. smart knocks the ball ahead. turner will race down to save it. they throw down the slam. 121-101 the final. celtic continue road trip tonight. that's sports i'm joe amorosino. >> denny managed to take a lead on final lap. it took a photo finish to see who actually won. it's a closest march victory ever. you have driver? >> no. my mom is big nascar fan. i've never been that into it. >> by noon you can pick it. we'll keep at it. >> up neck in "the buzz" new take on old classic. the first look at one of
9:55 am
ready to what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple.
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we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
9:57 am
>> we'll have to explain his instagram pictures to a bankruptcy judge. he filed for bankruptcy. then he goes and post pictures of himself with lots and lots of cash. the judge said he must come to court and explain those photos. 50 cents legal team said he will show up but exactly when is unclear. taking flight again. disney has unveiled the first trailer for the remake of classic children's movie. >> very cool. it stars bryce dallas howard and robert redford the movie comes out this august. >> i'm always interested to see when they turn a cartoon. he's back in the wood say. when they turn a cartoon into real life. how will it be portrayed. >> that looks really cool.
9:58 am
>> i forget. >> are you kidding? >> mostly sunny for the day today. seasonably cool. here's a look at 7 on 7 forecast. we have active pattern throughout this week. rain and mild temperature thursday. get off here. i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better.
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this morning o n this morning on today's take, anthony mackie is back. then the tale of the tape. a john cena smackdown unlike any other. plus, donald and keefer sutherland, together on the big screen for the first time. all that and more coming up next. it's monday morning, february 22nd, 2016.


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